Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Look For Less - Kate Bosworth

To me, fashion is about being creative. Drawing inspiration from life and experiences and interpreting it to reflect your own personality and style. One of the biggest sources of inspiration for me, and I'm sure for all of you, is celebrities. Those fortunate enough to be able to afford whatever they like and not think twice about it, those who have stylists on hand no matter what time of the day to lead them in the right direction no matter what the occasion. So that's why I am introducing this feature for my blog. I want to take the best celebrity looks and find an affordable alternative for fashion lovers.

To start with, I just had to show you this Kate Bosworth look. Everybody loves her style, she always manages to look effortless. This look is just that. Absolutely gorgeous, I love the pastel palette she's played with.

This American Apparel blouse incorporates the similar palette used on Kate's blouse. The floral floral pattern brings a feminine edge to the outfit.

These ASOS pants will bring a tailored look to the outfit which will contrast very nicely the oversized floral blouse.

And some nice nude court heels to pull the look together. These ones are from Wanted Shoes or you could get this Steve Madden pair which are currently on sale for only $69 and have free shipping to Australia.

So that's my interpretation of this Kate Bosworth look, let me know what you think. Also if you have you want me to recreate please let me know :) xx


  1. love her dip dye hair! wow.

    sheer pattern shirts look great :)

    xo zebra and meerkat

  2. she is so darn gogrgeous, i want her eyes ;) what are you going to get as your tattoo :) mega exciting!!!x

  3. Fantastic!!!!;D

  4. Great tips! It's definitely a great look to emulate!


  5. lovely post¡¡¡ great blog¡¡¡
    is very cool¡¡¡
    kisses from Mexico :D

  6. Thanks for the comments everyone! Keep checking back here, I have looks prepared for Ashley Olsen! xx