Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pink & Dots

Wearing; Cotton On dress, Dotti sweater, Jeffrey Campbell Litas & Sportsgirl sunglasses

Please excuse the weird fuzziness of the photos. I kind of like the steamy lighting though, sort of like I had a smoke machine on my balcony. After a six day weekend, I went back to uni today. I start flying again tomorrow which is very exciting but I'm definitely at the stage where I just want it to be all over and get out in the real world. I'm petrified of having a real job and a grown up life but everyone has to do it. I just feel way too young and immature still. I haven't learnt any life lessons!

I'm really getting into dots at the moment. I'm trying to find the perfect dotted blouse and black and white dot pleated skirt. If you have any sightings please let me know. Not sure if I've mentioned him before, but this is my beautiful dog, Smudger. He looks evil in this picture but I assure you he is as sweet as apple pie. xx


  1. Oh lucky you for having a holiday! I cannot wait till I get time off before hitting uni for a solid three weeks of stress (major eeeeek!)
    I loooove your idea for a tattoo, I think that is very special & meaningful. I either want to get 'love is enough' or "alive with love" across the side of my ribs! Oh the decisions decisions.x

  2. Great outfit posts!
    Really like the layering


  3. lovely outfit!! i adore your polka doted skirt and amazing shoes <3