Friday, October 11, 2013

Coco Bongo Night

Wearing: Asos cami, Eska Alikai leather skirt and Sportsgirl & Gorjana necklaces

Back from that lovely little place called Cancun that I visited about a month ago. Really getting into the camis lately. Just a simple outfit for dinner and then we went out to the best club ever, Coco Bongo! Mix between club and live show. They performed scenes from Chicago, Phantom of the Opera, had Madonna, Michael Jackson, Elvis and Beyonce impersonators and did aerial acrobatics and fighting scenes from Spiderman and Batman. If you ever go to Cancun, it is a must-do. Photo diary coming up next. xx

Friday, October 4, 2013

Hotel Musings

Some photos from my time in Melbourne. Lounging around in my favourite denim shirt from Cotton On. And all the necessary items one must take when exploring the city. Also I had a stunning chocolate eclair from a corner patisserie. Absolutely amazing, just like the ones in Paris. Have an amazing long weekenws everyone! Xx

Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Look For Less - Nicole Ritchie

(Image sourced)

When I saw this picture of Nicole Ritchie it hit me, this lady has style. I mean I have always known she can dress well but it never seemed relevant to me. But this outfit calls out to me. Simple but not boring. Perfection which is why it inspired me to create a look for less for all the lovers out there. Enjoy xx

1. 7 For All Mankind blouse - on super sale!
2. Asos heels - still loving those metal cap details
3. Asos rosary anklet - just in case you didn't want to get the tattoo...
4. Princess Polly bandage skirt - this style will be big for Summer. And you can get it super cheap here! 

Monday, September 23, 2013


Wearing: Sportsgirl floral blazer, Asos cami, Subtitled shorts & Gorjana Knox necklace

Even though my wardrobe consists mainly of black, white and grey and solid colours (and I'm perfectly happy with that) I am known to sport a pattern or two. And when I do it's usually a floral one. Just like my new blazer from Sportsgirl, how can you resist one of the best floral patterns I've ever seen. Not too girly and extremely wearable, this is definitely a home run for me. There are also matching shorts, hmm... xx

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Summer Outfits Deux

(Images sourced)

Here's part two of my Summer Outfits post. You can tell I'm going to have a love affair with graphic tees and oversized white blouses with statement bottoms. No complaints here xx

1. Michael Agwunobi tee - I might have bought a knock-off from eBay :/
2. Aje Catara skirt
3. MAC Russian Red lipstick - the perfect red

Friday, September 13, 2013

Down South

Wearing: Sportsgirl coat, Cotton On denim shirt, Zara coated jeans, Jeffrey Campbell boots, Rayban sunglasses and Gorjana Knox necklace

Lovers I am back from Mexico and to celebrate the hot weather I enjoyed over there, I am posting a rather chilly looking outfit, c'est la vie n'est pas? A few weeks ago I spent a couple of days in Adelaide and Melbourne just for kicks. These photos are from seaside town Glenelg in Adelaide where there was a long pier which of course I had to stroll along.
Sporting my new Cotton On denim shirt which is the most softest and comfortable one I own and it is in literally the most perfect shade of denim that a shirt should be. I've been living in it ever since I bought it.
Another new piece that I've been living in is this amazing necklace from brand Gorjana. I've been searching for a great delicate chain necklace for a while now and when I came across the Knox necklace I knew it had to be mine. It will soon morph itself onto my neck and I will be okay with that. xx 

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Line Them Up

Wearing: Zara leather jacket, top from eBay and random shorts

Spring has sprung! And even though these photos are from a few weeks ago I think it is perfectly fitting to post these now considering the gorgeous weather here in Sydney lately.
How cute are these lace shorts?! I've been fancying them for a while however they were sold out in my size and then one day I walked into a random store and boom they were there. So I grabbed them and ran to the counter. Duh. Cute story there.
I'll be in Cancun for the next week lovers, soaking up some sun (hopefully) in the land of margaritas. Wish me luck xx

Monday, September 2, 2013

Sportsgirl Nail Sprinkles - Review

I don't usually do these sorts of posts (maybe I should?) but I couldn't resist as I love this new product from iconic Australian brand, Sportsgirl! Nail Sprinkles are such a fun and creative way to get into the nail art trend that is definitely here to stay. There are so many choices but my favourite is the white glitter which I've used above. It can be applied on any colour nail polish and is so easy to use! Just dip your nail in the pot while your nail polish is still wet and then when dry apply a top coat. Simple! And it's not even difficult to remove which I find with some other glitter nail polishs. And chop to your nearest Sportsgirl store and check it out! (Too excited I know!) xx

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Wearing: Sportsgirl blouse, Zara shorts & leather jacket and Aldo heels

Sooo as you've guessed the title of this post is due to my cute as cow print shorts from Zara. I couldn't help myself. Cow print is in. Can't believe I'm actually saying that. In year seven my close friend was obsessed with cows. I couldn't see what the fuss was about, but that's another story. Now I love cows and their print (faux of course). I wouldn't mind a matching top as well if anyone has any suggestions? What do you think of cow print? xx P.s. of course Smudger had to make an appearance, he's such an attention seeker.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Wearing: Neon Hart harness and Cotton On Jeans

I've wanted a leather harness ever since Christine Centenera made them cool a few fashion weeks ago. Sexy edginess in its ultimate form. However they all seemed ridculously expensive for something that left your back feeling the winter wind. Then luckily my sister came across this pleather version. Now usually I am very against pleather, I'm not entirely sure why but it just annoys me, but in this case its very welcome. What do you guys think of this look, lover it or loath it? xx

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Summer Outfits

(Images sourced)

Now that there is less than month left of Winter (yay!) I've already started planning a few Summer outfits to look forward to. I'm incorporating items I already have with some items I desperately want. Hope you enjoy this post, there's a part two as well, because I couldn't help myself! xx

2. One Teaspoon Bandits - the perfect denim shorts
3. Rayban Aviators - a summer classic
6. Cecile tee - how killer is this print?!
7. Zara skort

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Winter Uniform

Wearing: Zara leather jacket, Sportsgirl jumper, Asos jeans and Glamourpuss heels

This has been my go-to winter dressing formula: jeans, jumper and some form of outerwear. Usually paired with some boots but I thought I'd be fancy for you guys and wear my favourite heels of the moment. These jeans I bought from Asos and ripped up myself have been my favourite this season. Yes they are probably not the best pair for keeping warm and I have been a victim of the knee chills every now and then, but it's the things we do for fashion, right? xx

Friday, August 2, 2013

Real vs. Steal - Lace shorts

(images sourced from google)

Now I only do these type of posts when the replica is too good to miss out on, and I think in this case it's pretty darn good. I have been a fan of the Lover lace-trimmed shorts for a good while now however I refuse/can't fork out that much money for, as a friend once put it, "half-pants" no matter how sartorially pleasing they are. Then I came across the Beginning Boutique pair and boy was my life turned around. So many tangerine lace thoughts filled my mind and the lust of Summer grew even stronger. Can't wait for these shorts to be on their way to me (once they have refilled my size). What do you think? Would you invest or go cheap? xx 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Casually Overcast In Happiness

Wearing: Zara blazer and coated jeans, Sportsgirl top, Vans & Comme Des Garcons leather pouch

This is the first time we have ventured onto a rooftop to take photos. The quality of course could be better but that's what happens when you wait until almost dark and your hair is still wet to take some shots before dinner and a movie. As soon as we got there thinking it was such a great idea, I noticed there were some people skateboarding on the other side of the roof and I instantly became self conscious. I'm still not use to/comfortable with taking photos of myself in public places. I know that comes with the blogging territory but hey I like to be human sometimes. I'm going to try to do this more often so it feels second nature to get my picture snapped.
Few things about this outfit. Firstly new grey blazer, it's bangin'. Such a wardrobe staple and so easy to wear. I have to again praise the genuis of coated jeans. I love them. Perfect for all situations. Zara make them good. I wear my black pair to death, and this oxblood pair I picked up in New York is brilliant to spice up any outfit and such a perfect colour for winter.
Lastly my new Comme Des Garcons pouch!! It's perfect (overuse of word in this post but I'm in a good mood). I've wanted this one for agessss and when I finally decided to purchase it, it was sold out everywhere! And I mean everywhere. It took me three weeks to track one down but I did it and now it's mine :) :) too gooood.
Ahh what do you think of this outfit? I hope everyone has an amazing week coming up xx

Friday, July 19, 2013

The Espadrille

Last year Summer footwear was all about slippers, this year it's all about the espadrilles. I had a stint a few years ago with some sick tie-up espadrilles that I got from Sportsgirl. From that stint I learnt that I should not have bought a white pair because they are so dirty now I would feel embarrassed to ever bring them out in public again. However I could definitely be persuaded to sport a black pair as this is a trend I could definitely get on board with. Here's some inspiration to get us Southern Hemispherians ready for Summer xx
Let me know what you think of this trend.

(Images sourced from Google, Fashiontoast, Camille Over the Rainbow, Sincerely Jules)