Monday, September 2, 2013

Sportsgirl Nail Sprinkles - Review

I don't usually do these sorts of posts (maybe I should?) but I couldn't resist as I love this new product from iconic Australian brand, Sportsgirl! Nail Sprinkles are such a fun and creative way to get into the nail art trend that is definitely here to stay. There are so many choices but my favourite is the white glitter which I've used above. It can be applied on any colour nail polish and is so easy to use! Just dip your nail in the pot while your nail polish is still wet and then when dry apply a top coat. Simple! And it's not even difficult to remove which I find with some other glitter nail polishs. And chop to your nearest Sportsgirl store and check it out! (Too excited I know!) xx


  1. OMG! love these sparkling details on nail! so cool!

  2. Oh I've been meaning to try their rainbow caviar type. Should give it a shot

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