Saturday, November 10, 2012

Venice Photo Diary

Just a few photos of beautiful Venice. Due to a four hour delay in London we only got to spend one full day in Venice to explore. Definitely a very surreal city, I couldn't help but think I was in some sort of movie set the entire time. xx
The view from our hotel balcony, featuring a light sunset and the Rialto bridge.
Experiencing the city. From the darling little canals that run all over the city, to seeing laundry hung out high above the streets and the beautiful old architecture. We popped into Prada to stare at my dream handbag and there was a poodle in the store! I thought that that was the best.  
The masks that Venice is famous for.
You know how the best things are always in the least expected places? Same story with this slice of pizza.
Hanging out at Saint Marco's Basilica.
Definitely coming back here again. xx


  1. Estelle thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures.I love Venice.If you plan to go back, in February the city gets even more fascinating due to the Carnival.kisses Coco

  2. looks amazing, I've always wanted to go to venice and your outfit is perfect for exploring the city!:)
    xx Kate

    The Style Department

  3. lovely!

    X Jenny

  4. very cool photos and thank you for visiting my blog :)

    the fashion nerd

  5. Loving your holiday pics!
    New York is amazing, although I hope you missed the storm!


  6. I wish I was there - what a beautiful place! x

  7. Venice looks beautiful!


  8. Such a beautiful city.. I'd love to visit someday. :) Nice photo diary.

    Indie by heart