Sunday, May 13, 2012


Picked up this Zara shirt while I was in South Africa and it's becoming a go-to piece in my wardrobe. A good print can always make an outfit look just that little bit more special. I've thrown together some of my favourite printed shirts at the moment to show you guys. Also I tried the ombre nail trend and have to say I think it looked pretty damn good considering I DIYed it, let me know what you think xx

1. Sara Phillips Aeriel shirt (soooo amazing, an incredible design idea) 2. Zimmerman floral shirt (I've been in love with this print for a while now but I'm stopping myself from getting in too deep because it will mean heartbreak for my savings account) 3. Sandro shirt (a subtle print but gorgeous nonetheless) 4. Zara floral blouse (another awesome floral print from Zara)


  1. Love your top! Definitely a must have!


  2. thank you babe!!!!!!! :)

    love your top! <3


  3. Hey, thank you for your comment on my blog! Am loving the printed shirts right now, got a beautiful one recently, similar to the Sara Phillips. Am following you now, would love for you to follow me back. x Jenelle

  4. Lovely print on your shirt! I really like your nails too, purple is such a nice colour.

  5. A printed shirt is definitely on my must-have list this season. Love the ones you've picked out.

  6. Hi Estelle,
    Thanks so much for your comment.
    Your shirt is gorgeous.I'm loving scarf print shirts. It seems lots of designers have drawn inspiration from D & G's Spring 2012 collection.


  7. your ombre nails turned out really awesome! i love that hankerchief looking blouse...looks so easy and breezy :)