Friday, December 2, 2011

December Wishlist

Can't believe it's already so close to Christmas, this whole year has flown by for me! Here are some things that hopefully Santa will deliver to me :)

1. River Island top - expressing my love for all things metallic and scalloped this season, I can't believe I came across this beauty in the most perfect subtle gold colour.

2. Zimmerman bikini - this floral pattern is so demure and feminine that I will break my rule of not buying a strapless bikini for it.

3. Proenza Schouler PS11 - this is my ultimate dream-come-true present. I think for my 21st I might create a PS11 fund instead of presents...

4. Tony Bianco Nasya wedges - I know I'm getting these shoes and I'm so excited for them! I'm trying to convince myself to get them in the stone colour but I'll probably revert to safe black.

5. Princess Polly skirt - this teal colour is really hitting me hard this season, already thinking of numerous ways to wear this skirt.

6. Secret Squirrel top - a brand I've only discovered recently but already falling in love with them. This digital print is one of the best I've seen. xx


  1. in love with the list ! your blog is awesome ! xoxo from spain love

  2. I love your about me and that teal skirt x

  3. i splurge on a pair of zimmerman bikinis each year.. good choice!